5 AMAZING Reasons To Implement a Dealership Management Solution

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There aren’t many motorcycle or scooter dealerships around that don’t have an interest in saving valuable time and money. Most have already found to their dire cost, that if you fail to plan you are planning to fail!

From workshops to dealers, if you’re looking to make your life easier, increase your cash flow, and grow your business, here are 5 great reasons why you need a reliable management tool.

1. Save time by being more efficient

No one, especially a business owner, would deny that time is probably one of the most precious and fickle commodities that life has to offer. However, think of all the opportunities for time wastage that always seem to pop up on any given day. There’s the time spent accessing different job and customer details, sourcing inventory parts, tracking materials, invoicing, and much more. Many small workshops are usually running all these processes on several different systems or even writing everything down with pen and paper!

Time really does equate to money, and by taking care of many of the time-consuming operations connected to the running of your motorcycle or scooter business, software to help you manage your workshop is guaranteed to increase overall efficiency.

Using an efficient software could save you 10 minutes on every job that you undertake, and that means that the busier you get, the more time your business will win back. Just think, with an average of only 6 jobs per day, time savings will be running at an hour every day which equates to a full five hours a week in time savings for your business. Imagine gaining a few extra days every month just through being more efficient!

2. Increased cash flow and profits

Everyone is in business to make money, and one of the most frustrating issues of being a small business owner is cash flow. There’s only so much of you to go around and when multiple tasks are coming in, it’s difficult to keep track when you are constantly switching mental gears.

If having the ability to ensure that you have the right quantity of parts in stock, and the facility to easily and quickly order any special parts that your customers need sounds like a great idea, then a tried and tested worksop management tool will tick all your boxes.

For any business that wants to spend time doing the things that it gets paid for, a workshop management tool that frees them to get on with the job is a sure route to higher productivity through increased business efficiency. For example, when you adopt a reliable tool like this, all your authorised users are able to instantly access the information that they or your customers need without interrupting the progress of the job to visit the parts department or office.

3. A better-organised business

It may come as something of a surprise, but despite the huge leaps that have been made in business management technology over recent years, many small motorcycle and scooter dealerships are still operating without any kind of management tool.

After installing, motorcycle and scooter dealership owners have a much tighter and accurate handle on virtually every aspect of their businesses. In fact, business owners that have already upgraded ask themselves why on earth they didn’t do so, much sooner.  

Increased organisation is most likely one of the biggest benefits. You will be able to instantly view a whole raft of highly valuable information concerning your operation at the touch of a button. You will be able to identify which of your customers generate the most profit and ensure that service reminders are automatically generated. Through accurate stock control, you won’t ever need to turn customers away for lack of spares, and you won’t need to close the shop to stocktake either.

4. Improved customer service

Astute dealerships already know that the customer is king, and they are also aware that it is a great deal more expensive to attract a new customer that it is to retain their existing clientele. With that in mind, it makes sense to provide the best service possible to your existing client base. However, when you only have a small team (many of whom will have little experience of administrative systems and processes), this becomes something that is often put on the backburner. Essentially, you are too busy working “in” the business to work “on” the businesses.

That’s where a workshop management tool comes in. By finding the parts, creating the invoices, and generating repeat business through timely reminders, it will continually improve your customers’ experience.

5. Adding to your bottom line

Ultimately, we are all in business to earn money through supplying goods and services that give added value to our customers. That is why the bottom line will always be about “the bottom line”. A reliable workshop management tool does all of the hard work so that you don’t have to.

Plus they have the flexibility to integrate with existing accounting systems and software (like Quickbooks), and it can be tailored to suit virtually any small to medium sized motorcycle or scooter repair shop. Through the system’s accurate stock management, instant invoicing, and ease of access, tools like Blackpurl are there to improve the productivity, efficiency, and cash flow of your business.


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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