Feature Release 2.23.0


Feature Release 2.23.0


  • New feature – Automated Price Files Tool
    • Provides central repository to store vendor price files with
    • Dealerships can subscribe to the price files 
    • Automatic notification of new updates being available
    • Allows markup matrix for calculating prices and costs
    • Optional english/french descriptions where available
    • Allows category mapping (if applicable)
    • The import controls are saved for future imports
    • Provides the ability to facilitate the founding of prices to a specific XX cents
    • For further information, please review our article – Automated Price Files Tool 


  • New system control setting – allows Blackpurl to hide part numbers on customer documents.
    • This will allow the Dealership to decide if they want to hide the part numbers from printing on Customer documents  
    • To access this new setting – System Settings > Settings & Controls – Shop SettingsHide part numbers on documents




  • Resolved – an issue with Customer Order Internal Comment section did not appear even though there were existing comments
  • Resolved – the appointment link on Customer Order Service Jobs
  • Resolved – the ADD NEW unit action was not available in Customer Order Service Jobs
  • Resolved – the issue causing the Deal option clearing account to not be properly adjusted when the Customer Order contained both a Deal Merch and Deal Service when one of them was invoiced prior to the Unit Deal being Invoiced
  • Resolved – an issue with the Unit Deals dropping off on Internal Service Jobs
  • Correction – the applicable tax on FEES not offering the correct list of taxed based on FEE type
  • Correction – an issue when actioning special order or forced oversold for out of stock items on a Cash Sale

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