Feature Release 2.41.0 and 2.41.X

What’s new?

Unit Ordering Document

  • Dealerships now have the option of printing a Unit Ordering Document 
  • Dealerships will be able to print a Unit Ordering Document for one unit or multiple units from the Active Orders screen
  • For further information, please review the section Printing the Unit Order in our article –  How To Process a Unit Order 


Reporting – Units On Order 

  • We have introduced a new Common Search called Units On Order
  • Reporting > Common Search – Vendor Orders – Units On Order

  • It will allow the user to generate a report that will list all Units On Order
  • By default it will only report Unit on Order but you can change the parameters to report on Received Units as well
  • By default the units are sorted by Days Out which is the number of days unit the unit is suppose to arrive based on the Expected Date that was entered when processing the Unit Order


Restricting Time Clocking Staff 


Manually Claiming NITC (Australia only)

  • For those Dealership who want to manually claim the Notional Input Tax Credit (NITC) prior to the unit being sold, we have introduced a way to do this
  • All Unit Report will also report on the NITC held on each unit
  • The Unit Record  will now indicates the NITC amount withheld 
  • If the NITC amount is claimed manually, the Unit Record will be updated that the NITC has been claimed manually 
  • For further information, please review the section called What if the Dealership wants to claim the NITC before the Unit is sold in the article Notional Input Tax Credits (NITC) in Blackpurl (Australia Only) 


Manually Added Stock Units

  • If Dealership uses the ADD NEW > Stock Units – it will now generate  a journal entry over to your accounting package


New Help Tool  (Australia only)

  • We have introduced a new Freshdesk help tool on all screens
  • This will allow easier access to our Knowledge Based articles and videos
  • It will also allow live access to our Blackpurl Support Team (when they are online)
  • We are currently testing this feature with our Australian Dealerships


What’s improved?

  • Resolved – an issue importing a price file in which one of the items contained a blank description
  • Changed – to the new invoice format for:
    • Scaling of the logo to maximize its size on the document
    • Increased the font size
    • Made the customer order number bold
    • Eliminated all grey scale text colouring so that only black is used
  • Resolved – an issue which did not properly recognize that a charge on account payment was reversed in checkout which in turn caused an invoice to be generated in accounting instead of a sales receipt
  • Changed – implemented date range limitation for the DP360 API call because by default it would only return the first 1000 open leads.  
  • Correction – an issue preventing CO to finalized (one dealership only)
  • Resolved – an issue with the Deal Option Clearing account not always being offset correctly.  This was caused when users were finalizing Deal Service / Deal Merch and Unit Deal all on different screens
  • Resolved – an issue with DP360 integration not properly generating a log record when invalid username/password scenario is encountered
  • Changed – Additional requirements for specific Dealership to go back to Tax Included Pricing (at their request)
  • Correctionan issue which hid the Quote toggle once a part has been added to the customer order
  • Resolved issue where the service worksheet would not include all items
  • Resolved – scrolling issue in the state/province selector when creating a new customer
  • Corrected – issue when re-syncing unsynced deposits
  • Corrected – issue which prevented checkout from being finalized in a unique scenario (one dealership only)
  • Changedresyncing order units to ensure it uses the tax settings of the order unit
  • ChangedImposed restriction to prevent the user from deleting a service job for which the deductible has already been invoiced
  • DevelopedCustom forms for new Dealership
  • Correctedissues with syncing category changes on parts
  • Resolvedissue with syncing fees on invoices where it was incorrectly attempting to post a COGS entry for the fee.  Also removed all mention of costing on Fee codes display as well as add/edit


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