Feature Release 2.40.0

What’s new?

2 Way Texting (SMS) 


Unit Orders – New Dates 

  • Users now have the option of entering the Date Ordered and Date Expected on all Order Units


New Service Unit Location Field 

  • Whenever “Unit Arrived” is enabled in the Unit Check-In window, there is now a new field called “Unit location”
  • Users will be able to indicate where on the lot or in the building the unit is located


Vendor Order – Export file for Honda Dealers

  • When exporting a VO using the Honda eBiz format, the user will now have the option of entering which Dealer Number to create the export file under
  • This will assist those Dealerships that have multiple Honda Dealer Numbers
  • For further information, please review our article – Vendor Order > Export File – Honda eBiz


What’s improved?

  • Resolved – an issue which allowed an AR payment to be applied to a voided invoice in the Dealership’s accounting package
  • Resolved – an issue which would stop an invoice from being finalised in checkout
  • Updated – the restriction on phone number to now allow from 8 to 11 digits to accommodate the telephone number for New Zealand 
  • Correction – rounding issue in the Scheduler which was causing the week view to show an excessive number of decimal placed for hours booked
  • Updated – the Chart of Account and Tax Code syncing to ensure that deactivated or deleted General Ledger accounts in the accounting package can no longer be selected for use in Blackpurl
  • Correction – an issue which was allowing unvalidated email addresses to be set as the “from” email address when sending emails from Blackpurl
    • A nominated email address for the Dealership will be used going forward
    • Each Dealership will receive an email from Blackpurl Support asking what email address they wish to use when sending emails from Blackpurl
    • A quick validation process will occur and once finalised the sender on each email sent out of Blackpurl will be the nominated email address
  • Resolved – an issue on the new invoice format that quantities were showing as zero and not the correct quantity when printing out quotations 
  • Resolved – when printing the new invoice format, the dealership’s information was being pushed off the page.  This was only occurring at one dealership only
  • Resolved – an issue which allow a development script to resync a unit invoice a second time.  Script was only run at one dealership so it was not an issue across the board


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