How Does a Cloud-Based DMS Even Work?

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Last week we talked about the benefits of leveraging the cloud to run your dealership. This week, we’re taking the conversation one step further and diving into the benefits of running your dealership on a cloud-based DMS and why you should consider moving over your old data.

What is a Cloud-Based Dealership Management Solution?

A cloud-based dealership management solution allows you to perform all of your dealerships day-to-day functions more quickly, easily, and securely. Unlike traditional DMS, these modern systems let you run your dealership from any device, anywhere. Whether you’re on the beach, on the boat, or on the showroom floor, you can run your shop like you’ve always wanted to.

Should you Consider Moving Your Existing Data to a Cloud-Based DMS?

Cloud-based DMS are equipped with an intuitive user interface that a first grader could navigate. Compared to the clunky local storage you’re used to from grade school, you’ll be blown away by the sleek design and simplicity of these new systems. For example, if you save a service invoice in Blackpurl using a mobile device, you can retrieve that exact invoice from your computer, tablet or any other device with only an internet connection. From your showroom floor to your boat, if you have wifi, you can access your files and share them with your team.

The best part? You don’t need a flash drive or hard drive to access the latest version of your data. The changes you and your team make along the way will reflect on every device. This saves you from calling tech support if you make a mistake on a service order or can’t find a file. On the cloud, everyone in your shop becomes a tech expert because all of the heavy lifting is managed by the DMS.

Overall, so many dealers are moving their pen-and-paper and Windows-95 data over to their cloud-based DMS for a reason. Whether it’s for convenience, security, accessibility, or cost – the best place for your dealership’s important files is in the cloud. Want to learn more about how cloud-hosting fits into your shop? Let’s hop on a quick demo.

uploading documents to the cloud with lightening bolts

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