How To Get The Team Using New Software: 7 Tips and Tricks

How To Get The Team Using New Software: 7 Tips and Tricks


Technology is a huge part of today’s workplace. Many dealerships are now using various types of technologies from dealership management software to CRMs and cloud-based accounting systems. These software solutions are making dealers more efficient and productive. However, many dealers are finding out their employees do not use the technology the correct way. This leads to decreased productivity and frustration (for customers, employees, partners, etc). In this blog post, we will discuss seven tips and tricks for getting your team to use your new software the right way!

1) If it’s too complicated for you, it’s too complicated for them:

Remember your employees are not all tech whizzes. Just because they know how to post a story on your Instagram account doesn’t guarantee they will know how to use the software. Never assume your team will just be able to pick up software without training.

2) Choose a product admin/owner:

Before launching a new software across departments assign a team member to be the product admin. This will help ensure that there is always someone available to answer questions. Plus they can manage communication between the dealership and software provider.

+Productivity tip: Schedule regular check-ins with the product admin/owner to ensure they are using the technology correctly and efficiently.

3) Explain the benefits of the technology:

Take the time to explain to employees how the technology will make their lives easier. For example, if you are implementing a new management software, explain to them how it will help them with their time tracking. Or simplify the ordering process. Or even eliminate the need for duplicate data entry. Sometimes employees are not aware of how their “shortcuts” impact the system as a whole.

+Pro tip: Use data and analytics to show your employees exactly how the technology is benefiting them and the company.

4) Dedicate time for team training

For any new software, there’s going to be a learning curve. Set aside time to get all team members trained on how to use it properly. How much time should you allocate? It depends on the technology and how easy it is to use. Ask your vendor for suggestions, they should have a better idea.

5) Offer a pop quiz:

Check in with your team after the first week, month, and quarter. If there are no questions, go ahead and quiz them on certain tasks or functions. You can set up your own quiz for free on a website like Typeform. The goal isn’t to point out blame but rather to be proactive and eliminate future problems.

6. Schedule quarterly training:

Chances are a lot of the technology you’re using is packed with features and functionality. If you’re lucky (like Blackpurl users), you’ll be getting free product updates monthly. It’s important to dedicate time each quarter to ensure your team is up-to-date on all the features. This will help eliminate any frustration around “not knowing how to do something.”

+Best practices tip: Buy your team lunch and make it a fun event.”

7. Listen to feedback:

At the end of the day, you need your employees to buy into the technology. This is why it’s important to listen to feedback and make changes accordingly. If there are questions or concerns, this is where the product owner steps in and follows up with the technology provider to find solutions.

+Lack of adoption tip: If you’re noticing a lack of adoption around certain technology, take the time to understand why that might be. Maybe the process isn’t as streamlined as you thought, or maybe employees are just resistant to change.

Frustrated Users

A Little Preparation Now Will Go a Long Way

Technology can be a great asset to companies when used correctly. However, getting employees to use it the correct way can be a challenge. . By following these seven tips and tricks for helping your employees use technology the right way, you’ll help ensure that your team is productive and efficient at using the technology at their disposal.

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