New Feature Release 2.63 Blackpurl

New Feature Release Blackpurl


In release 2.63 Shopify users have access to additional line items and settings while the display of the PO numbers in the customer orders has been modified.

Shopify Integration 

The Shopify integration will now include amounts for Shipping and Discounts as line items in Customer Orders created from a Shopify sale

Two new settings have been added to Shopify Settings in the Settings & Controls called “Fee for Shopify discounts” and “Fee for Shopify shipping”

Both of these new settings will be automatically set via script to the same fee code currently assigned to the “Fee for unidentified products”.  The Dealership can then assign any fee code they wish to these new settings

Customer Order with Customer PO numbers

For closed Customer Orders, the PO number field will now remain visible.

Customer PO number
New Feature Release Blackpurl

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