Benefits of a workshop management tool over hand-written jobs


If your a business owner with a “hands-on” approach to managing a small to medium sized motorcycle or scooter dealership or service repair shop you’re probably be dealing with lots of paperwork and you can’t remember the last time you took a day off.

Look at it this way: Imagine your customer needs a 5000 km service performed on their bike. You (or your service manager) would have to look up the parts needed to perform the service, figure out if you have them in stock, print out a step-by-step schedule of work, then perform the actual work itself. Once the job is completed, the technician needs to write out what work was undertaken, what items were used, and how much each of them cost, then generate an invoice. When you’re completing multiple jobs every day, you’re wasting a lot of time going through these steps each and every time. 

The solution is a workshop management tool to take the guesswork out of every job and transaction that your workshop performs. You might not realise it now, but such an investment could be one of the best that your business ever makes. Here’s how…

Instant information

Whether you are carrying out a 5000 km service or complex repairs to bikes and scooters, all the make and model specific information can be readily available at the press of a button. Likewise, customer details and service history can also be right at your fingertips.

If you are serious about making cost savings and growing your business, you will already know that time is your most precious commodity, and that time saved is money earned. Through having access to the necessary information without the need to leave the job, both the efficiency and cash flow of your business are set to be drastically improved.

Accurate stock management

Often valuable time can be wasted figuring out what parts are required and whether or not they are in stock. Sometimes you might even use parts in a service repair without tracking it on the invoice. 

A simple way to avoid this is to check and assign the parts that are required to the work when the job is booked into your diary to ensure that they are designated to the service and reconciled in your total parts inventory.

Fool-proof servicing and repair schedules

Writing out each service job can mean there is a lot of guesswork. Especially if each time it is written by a different team member. Implementing a workshop management tool will help you make sure that every scheduled service and specified repair operation is detailed and checked off to ensure a high level of quality assurance.

By removing the pen and paper from the procedure, the time savings on every job will streamline your workshop’s throughput.

Automatic accounting and invoice generation

Once a service repair is completed a lot of time can be wasted manually writing out, calculating and reconciling itemised invoices. With a workshop management tool you can do this all with a push of a button. Plus you can integrate it with standard accounting system like MYOB, to adjust your accounting and final stock reconciliation, making your accountant happy too!

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