The 3 Reasons Why Every Dealership Needs Cloud Data Storage.

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Nowadays cloud data storage is, what I would argue, one of the most efficient methods of data storage for any business – especially dealerships. In recent years, many dealers have opted to throw out their mess of pen-and-paper and locally hosted files and import this data into the cloud.

In this article, I will discuss the top three advantages of converting your physical and locally hosted data to the cloud but first… 

What is Cloud Storage?

First things first: what is cloud storage and why should you move your data to something you  can’t even touch or see? 

When working in the cloud, data is accessed using internet service, as opposed to local storage or hard disk. This allows the user to access their data from any device, anywhere, anytime. You got it – with the cloud, you can greet your customer and review all their data on your tablet without having to search a record cabinet or wait for a sales rep to get off the computer. Beyond making a seamless client experience, here are the three benefits of the cloud:

Three Benefits of Running Your Dealership in the Cloud

1) Enhanced Security 

It is natural to question what makes the cloud so secure. Ironically enough, for something you can’t touch or see, I would argue that there isn’t a safer place to store your dealership’s data than the cloud. Here’s why: the files stored on cloud servers are encrypted. Because they are so scrambled, it is a lot more difficult for cybercriminals to take them over. Similarly, hackers can use several ways to get the information stored on your own, personal devices that are impossible to replicate at such a large scale. For example, hackers might freeze your device and demand payment before they’ll release the stolen files; however, the security measures undertaken by cloud services corporations are far more strong and extensive than what is protecting your home computer. Also for dealers thinking this is why I don’t want to upload my data at all, what happens if a disgruntled employee or lost client walks into the backroom and opens up the file cabinets?  

If you want to learn more about data hosting, hesitancy, and how to create an emergency data plan for your dealership, check out this article.

2) Cost-Effective 

Hosting your data on premise or on site is expensive. Beyond the physical hardware you need to pay for electricity, space and most costly your time.  When businesses move to the cloud, they outsource storage and maintenance problems, effectively eliminating upkeep and update costs. In this scenario, the dealership itself does not need any support or financial resources to manage and store their data; the cloud storage provider takes care of it all. Some cloud-based dealer management platforms like Blackpurl also offer flexible, monthly subscription plans, making cloud storage more accessible to even the smallest dealerships. 

3) Unparalleled Accessibility and Convenience 

Imagine what your team could do when your data is stored in one convenient location. Sales, service, accounting all have access to the most up-to-date data to make informed decisions. This way, your parts manager doesn’t only know parts, but they know accounting too. Coordinating your departments and providing all of your team members with equal access to information is vital for success. The trick at a dealership is to not work harder but smarter. Hosting your data in the cloud is great, hosting your data in a cloud-based dealership management platform is even better.

computer cloud backup data with question marks

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