Finally a Better Option to Outdated Dealership Management Software DMS

A Different and Better Alternative to a Traditional Dealership Management Software


If you’re like most powersports, marine, trailer and RV dealerships, you’re probably using some kind of dealership management software system (DMS) to run your shop and not loving it. And if you think the problem is on your end think again, look at these reviews of a “top-rated” DMS.

In talking with dealers most feel stuck as once you’ve seen one DMS you’ve pretty much seen them all. But what if there was a different and better alternative to DMS? Blackpurl has been developed specifically for digital-first dealerships that understand where the industry is heading and offers functionality, features, and capabilities that DMS can’t match. So before you sign up for another year of DMS, take a closer look at Blackpurl. The industry is changing, and Blackpurl will help your dealership keep up.

Blackpurl has four main differentiating points that make it stand out from DMS. 

1) A Cloud-Based Solution Built For Dealers

First, we are a true cloud platform instead of a hosted cloud platform. Blackpurl is built on Salesforce, which allows dealers to forgo hosting servers on-site and gain that extra sense of security by moving their data to the cloud. Our clients also save money, as a true cloud platform does not charge any additional access fees. 

2. Focused On Functionality Not One-Off Features

Secondly, Blackpurl is focused on functionality and capabilities—not one-off features. We value efficiency. We’ve connected and worked with dealers across the globe to understand their pain points. As a result, we have developed a solution that allows users to perform tasks faster while still maintaining accuracy. With as little as a few clicks, a client can do everything from selling a part to scheduling a repair to tracking a technician’s time. We’re focused on where the industry is heading, not trying to recreate the past.

3. Integrations, Partnerships, and Open APIs

Next, we include integrations instead of All-In-Ones. Blackpurl is actively breaking down data silos and building a platform that easily connects the tech solutions that power a dealership. With strategic partnerships and open APIs, we’re creating best-in-class integrations that are changing the way dealers run their operations. 

4. An Activation Process That Minimizes the Pain

Lastly, we prefer activations over “Go-Lives.” Traditionally, the industry has focused on “Go-Lives” because DMSs are generally difficult to use and require a ton of resources, so selecting a “Go-Live” date was essential at one point, but technology has evolved. Now, today’s world runs off activations because there are fewer costs, less risks, and proven success. 

At Blackpurl, we’ve built out an extensive activation team to help dealers migrate over from their old dealership management system and get them using Blackpurl in days and weeks, not months and, in some cases, years. Moving systems is never easy, but with the proper documentation and process, we’ve removed the traditional “pain” associated with switching management solutions. Furthermore, we provide ongoing support and house a vast knowledge base that dealers can use anytime so they can find answers as needed. 

Something Different and Better Than Old DMS

If you are looking for a true cloud platform that can help your business grow, Blackpurl is the right choice. We focus on functionality and capabilities instead of one off features, and our integrations make it easy to get started. Plus, we prefer activations over “‘Go-Lives”’ so you can be sure our solution will work for your business. Book a demo today to learn more about how Blackpurl can help you achieve success.

A Different and Better Alternative to a Traditional Dealership Management Software

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