New Feature Release 2.65 and 2.66 Blackpurl

New Feature Release Blackpurl


It’s not often you get two product releases in a single month but our engineering team was working double-time. Check out all the new functionality below.

Price File Import Tool

  • We have updated the Price File Import tool so that it could also be used to load in locations 
  • For further information, please review – How to Import a Vendor Price File

Customer Records – Payment of account


  • Updated the format of the BRP parts picklist to align with the new format required by BRP.

Job Clocking off from Customer Order 

  • We have implemented the ability for the user to enter notes when clocking off of a job directly on the customer order

Customer Owned Unit Selector

  • We have improved how users can select a Customer Owned Unit (COU) for Service Jobs or Trade In etc.
  • Previously the user could only select by scrolling through the drop down list of all the COUs for that Customer and if the Customer had quite a few COUs then it was quite slow to find the correct unit.
  • Now the user can search for a specific unit using various values such as VIN / color of unit / plate number etc.
  • In the Please select section, type in the value you want to search by and the results will then match your value.

Deal Documents for Trade in Only Customer Orders

  • The labeling on the Deal documents (Bill of Sale and Offer to Purchase) for trade-in only Customer Orders have been updated to show the customer information as “SELLER”  and not “SOLD TO”.
  • For example:
New Feature Release Blackpurl

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