Feature Release 2.20.0



  • New feature – Parts supersessions – updated the logic for superseded parts so that
    • The price file import properly sets the new superseded fields on the part record
    • When a superseded part is added to a customer order the user is automatically presented with the View Related modal window
  • New feature – Honda Web API integration for the following API’s
    • Part Inventory Upload
    • Service Data Upload
    • Submit Order
    • Download Invoice Data
  • New feature – Branding Locations – the branding location currently set for the user will now be used on Vendor Order and Vendor Receiving documents 
  • New feature – Implemented the OAuth 2.0 authentication for the Xero integration
  • New feature – Mapping of 6 custom forms for a specific customer (StreamRV) 
  • New feature – Implemented two new payment frequencies in deal financing: Annual and Bi-annual (Ag Zone) 
  • New feature – Added messaging to the service job status modal window so that the user will see a reason why the Completed status is not available
  • New feature – Implemented automated solution for submitting files to the SOM server



  • Correction – Form correction for specific customer
  • Correction – Eliminated accounting sync failure caused by the closing of an empty invoice
  • CorrectionCorrected messaging in the accounting integration screen which made reference to Quickbooks when the org is actually using Xero as the accounting provider
  • CorrectionCorrected mapping issues on a specific customers forms
  • CorrectionResolved issue where the price file import was not properly handling a package qty value on the import file when it contained decimal places.
  • CorrectionResolved pagination issues blocking BRP integration testing
  • CorrectionFor the vendor order import action, the import file type window will now always be shown when the user selects the import action
  • CorrectionResolved issue where a unit in a deal was marked as non-taxable and the total on the deal header was not updated
  • CorrectionUpdated the vendor search in price file import to correct issues where the suggested matches were different than if the user had made the same search in global search
  • CorrectionCorrected the nightly QB/Xero integrity script so that it reports all possible types of sync failures
  • CorrectionResolved issue causing error to be displayed when reporting parts



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