Feature Release 2.38.0

What’s new?

Customer Order > Ability to Re-open Invoiced Unit Deals 

  • This feature will allow the Dealership to re-open Invoiced Unit Deals 
  • For further information, please review our article –  Re-Open Invoiced Unit Deals


Accounting Integration – Assigning General Ledgers to Different Undeposited Funds

  • Blackpurl now has the ability to assign a different General Ledger (GL) accounts to each individual payment method that is active in the system
  • This feature will allow our customer to segregate undeposited funds by payment method in the accounting package
  • By default all of the new Undeposited funds GL accounts in the accounting integration setup have been assigned to the GL which was previously assigned to the old standalone Undeposited Funds GL
  • For further information, please review our article – Step 7 – How to Setup Accounting Integration


Scheduler – Job status indicator

  • In the day view of the appointment scheduler we now include an icon on each tile which shows the current status of the related service job
  • On the tile itself this icon provides an abbreviation of the status but the flyout for the tile gives the user the status icon as well except its not abbreviated
  • For further information, please review the tip contained in our article – Scheduler


Reporting > Change to Active Part Sales Report to allow reporting on Sales Type 

  • We have updated the Active Part Sales report to allow the reporting on sales type
  • For example the user can list active parts sales which have the specific sale type of Internet Sales etc
  • For further information, please review our article – Reporting – Active Part Sales Report


What’s improved?

  • Improvement –  with the part count tool when reporting / exporting a large volume of records
  • ResolvedResolved issues with the Notional Input Tax Credit (NITC) accounting entries not posting correctly to Xero/QB (Australia Only)
  • Correctionthe file formatting issues related to the VO export in Honda EBiz format
  • Correctionan issue causing the Total Cost on the invoice detail report to not be properly populated for service job line items
  • Resolved – an issue which prevented a trade only deal from being invoiced when there due to back end tax exemption issues
  • Resolved – an issue which allowed the user to select other items to checkout before previously checked out items had been fully finalized
  • Correction -an issue which allowed the user to select job types which are not supposed to be available on internal service jobs
  • Correctionformatting change required to the Yamaha Australia VO export file
  • ImprovementUpdated the unit adjustment modal window to allow user to save the adjustment without entering a price


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