How Helpful Is Your DMS Search Bar?

How helpful is your DMS's Search Bar?


Almost every website, CRM, and dealership management software system have a search bar, but not all search bars are created equal. Have you ever used your DMS and tried to search for an item only to have it come up blank due to an extra letter or missing number? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just type in Defender and have the 2023 can-am defender models all pop up? It seems like a small thing, but when search works well, it can be hugely helpful for your team and make the end customer experience that much better. Think about all the units, parts, and accessories you have at your dealership. A good universal search bar will be able to locate anything using a variety of data points.

What Is a Universal Search Bar?

A universal search bar is a search function that helps employees quickly find the information they need from anywhere in the software. For example, if you want to find a customer’s contact information, you can simply type in their name and the software will bring up their profile. Similarly, if you want to find a specific vehicle, you can type in the VIN number or the stock number. It’s a powerful tool because it gives employees the ability to search for anything in the DMS, including customers, vehicles, sales, and more.

Universal Search Functionality Is Important for a DMS for a Few Reasons

· It helps employees find what they’re looking for faster

· It helps reduce the amount of time spent on training

· It can help improve customer satisfaction

Why Can’t My DMS Search Bar Find Anything?

Chances are your DMS wasn’t built to search for a variety of attributes pertaining to an item but rather only a few. And unfortunately, your DMS provider can’t just add a few lines of code to improve the search bar. Newer dealer management software platforms however are built with search in mind and can handle large amounts of data without any problems. This is due to the back-end technology and storing the data in a way that makes the universal search bar possible.

Will My Team Actually Use Search?

There’s a reason why “Google” is a verb. Today’s workers use search bars to find all their answers. From search engines like Bing and Youtube to social platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Everyone knows how to use a search bar and when they work, everyone will use them. No more multi-click sequences to add items to customer orders. No more long and grueling training sessions for new hires on “how to use” your DMS.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your DMS to Something Better?

A DMS with great universal search functionality can be a powerful tool for your business. It can help your employees work more efficiently and help improve customer satisfaction. If you’re looking to upgrade from a traditional DMS to a cloud-based dealership management software with great universal search functionality, then look no further – we’ve got just the thing!

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How helpful is your DMS's Search Bar?

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