Stop Using an Automotive DMS to Run Your Powersports Dealership

Stop Using an Automotive DMS to Run Your Powersports Dealership


The automotive industry has dominated the dealership management software space for years, forcing dealers in other industries like powersports, marine, and trailers to use over-engineered systems. What comes with all these extra features that dealers in other industries don’t need? Higher costs, confusing interfaces, and overall a bad user experience for everyone involved. In this blog post, we’ll outline some of the main problems with using an automotive dealership management system for your non-automotive business and provide some solutions for dealing with those high-cost and confusing traditional dealership management software systems.

Stop Using an Automotive DMS at Your Non-Automotive Dealership

The main problem with using an automotive dealership management system is that the features included are designed for a different industry. Automotive dealerships have different processes and needs than other types of dealerships, so they require different functionality and features. For example, an automotive dealer might need features like floorplanning or extended warranty support that other dealerships in trailer or marine don’t need. As a result, the cost of an automotive dealership management system can be anywhere from double to triple what you would pay for a system that’s specifically designed for your industry.

An Over-Engineered Auto DMS Is Just Making Things Harder For You and Your Dealership

Another problem is that these systems are often difficult to use. They’re designed for larger businesses with more complex processes, so they can be confusing and intimidating for smaller independent dealerships. This can lead to errors and inefficiencies in your dealership’s operations.

So what can you do about it? There are a few options:

Find the Right Management Software Based On Your Budget Needs and Vision

The first and probably the one 95% of dealers choose is to find a software company like Blackpurl that offers a dealership management software system tailored to the needs of their specific industry. This way, you know that the system will meet your needs and you won’t be paying for features you don’t need.

The second option which costs less upfront but will require much more time is to purchase off-the-shelf/ general solutions (QuickBooks, Trello, google sheets) and then customize them to fit your business needs. This option tends to be the cheapest but also limits what you and your dealership can do.

The third option is to develop your own software solution. This is the most expensive option, but it gives you complete control over the features and functionality of the system. Plus, you can always add additional features as your business grows and changes (if you can afford it).

Ready for Something Other Than a DMS Built For The Auto Industry?

No matter which option you choose, be sure to do your research so that you end up with a system that’s right for your business. Don’t overspend on features that you don’t need, and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re not sure about something. Your goal should be to find a management system that’s affordable and easy to use so that you can focus on running your business instead of struggling with complex software.

Stop Using an Automotive DMS to Run Your Powersports Dealership

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