New Feature Release 2.69 and 2.70

New Feature Release Blackpurl


What’s New?

New System Setting to control if Prices are printed on Barcode Labels

  • We have introduced a new System Settings > Settings and Controls – Shop Settings – including prices on part labels. 
  • To enable this option, simply move the toggle to on / To disable, simply move the toggle to off and the price will not print on the part labels.

Special order labels now include the transaction type instead of the part location

  • Instead of printing the location, labels for Special Orders will include the transaction type ie Parts Sale / Service Job.

Part Counting Tool 

  • New option in the part count tool for merging duplicate parts.
  • The Issues to resolve tab now has a Merge all duplicates option which will merge all of the duplicates into a single counted entry.
  • Importing a count file will also give you the option of Merging all duplicates.
  • For further information, please review the updated articles on the Part Count Tool.

Part Counting Tool – Full Inventory Count

Part Counting Tool – Random Count

Part Counting Tool – Cycle Count

BRP Integration Updated 

We have implemented a new BRP integration which provides the user with access to BRP articles for safety campaigns and bulletins for BRP units.

The BRP lookup tool has been updated so the user can now search and view a specific article provided that they know the article number they are looking for.

Please review our updated article on BRP Integration – BRP Integration.

When viewing a unit that has been defined as a BRP unit, either on the unit page or in the unit section of a service job, the system will automatically check for any campaigns or bulletins for that unit.

A new button will appear giving the user access to all campaigns/bulletins for the unit.  In the event that there are unresolved safety campaigns then this will be highlighted.

Please note – in the first week after deployment we will be in the Pilot phase of certification for this integration and ask that if you have any issues, please contact Blackpurl Support with details. 

Always Obey the Publish in Feeds Flag

  • We have introduced a new System Settings > Settings and Controls – Shop Settings – Always obey the Publish in Feeds flag.
  • Once this setting is enabled, the Unit Record and Parts Record, Publish in Feeds flag will be obeyed.

Reallocate On Order Parts from VO/VR

This new feature will allow the dealership to:

  • reallocate On Order Parts that were initially ordered for stock but can now be allocated to fulfill a Customer Order Special Order need instead.
  • reallocate Received Parts to satisfy Oversold Parts.
  • satisfy any Special Order requirements when receiving Parts.

For further information, please refer to our article – Reallocation of On-Ordered Parts

Vendor Order Export Formats

This new feature will allow Dealerships to have the:

  • ability to assign a Vendor Order export format to a vendor so they don’t have to select it every time they export a Vendor Order for that Vendor.
  • ability to create user-defined Vendor Order export formats.

For further information, please refer to our article – Vendor Order Export Formats.

New Feature Release Blackpurl

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