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How To Run A Dealership

Industry veterans share insights on how to better run a dealership business.

Tough Conversations To Have in a dealership

Tough Conversations in a Dealership

In today’s dealerships there are many circumstances that create “difficult” conversations between staff and customers. Here’s a few tips on what to expect and some ideas around how to handle them.

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An Emergency Data Plan for your Dealership

An Emergency Data Plan for your Dealership

Recent events in the world have reminded us of how reliant we are on Information Technology to operate our businesses, and how disruptive it is when a system fails. Naturally these events are beyond most businesses control and when they occur we usually have minimal warning. That is why all businesses would be prudent to have aData Emergency Plan documented and ready to go.

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Parts Inventory Control Process at Dealership

Importance of Parts Inventory Control Process

Why is Inventory Control such a big deal? Do we really understand it? These are bigger questions than they seem, and require even bigger and more in depth answers. This short article is designed to provoke thought and raise Dealership Staff curiosity around the biggest questions.

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How a Dealership Management System App Should Work

A great DMS makes your dealership mobile, so you can do business from anywhere. Mobility is very important for a dealership these days and a modern cloud-based DMS would allow you to access your important information from any computer. Take that one step further with Blackpurl’s cloud-based DMS app and your team will have the ability to do business from anywhere on any device. A mobile app means you can log in from anywhere 24/7 and make real time decisions based on up to date and accurate data.

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5 Ways to Create Better Communication Within a Dealership

Within a dealership, communication reigns king when it comes to success on the front and back end of the business. There are many simple, yet effective tools to stay connected and informed between different departments that can ultimately enhance the dealerships day to day operations. We spoke with two veteran Harley Davidson employees to examine the ways we can build stronger communicative connections within our dealerships to help expand the longevity of our business relationships.

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5 Ways to Strengthen Customer Communication in a Dealership

Communication within a business can be the catalyst in a skyrocketing success story or a Titanic failure. With that said, communication doesn’t always come as simply or easily as we might hope. So how can we keep the communication strong, and therefore our teams and businesses stronger? Let’s speed into the five most effective ways to enhance strong and smooth communication between the dealership and our customers.

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How Hiring Women will Strengthen your Business

Female empowerment is a topic being covered through many channels of conversation, especially in the past little while. Did you know that according to Forbes Magazine, females make up 70 – 80% of ALL consumer purchasing? If we are seeing more women making these higher ticket spending decisions upon entering a dealership, then we should be seeing more women actually facilitating the transaction, right?

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Technician Retention

Hiring, training and retaining competent staff is an age old challenge for all businesses. However, changing social attitudes towards a Technical Trade, as a career option, has created a slow decline in good quality candidates entering the Mechanical Trades over the last decade. This is now causing a shortage of supply for the Industry as a whole. Add to this the increase in technology employed in modern machinery and the need for good technicians is greater than ever.

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Manufacturer Moves and Rise of EV

Both EV and agency agreements are at an early stage, but it would be prudent for all of us to examine how they will impact our businesses, and prepare for the structural changes they will bring to the Industry. For those of you who have lived and worked in this Industry for some time you will already know that the technological and business changes in this industry always start with the Automobile Manufacturers and their Dealers. Eventually these winds of change blow across Heavy Vehicles, then to the Power Sport products.

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Interview: Selena Thurbon – Switching to Blackpurl

Selena Thurbon is the owner of Bikescape, a motorcycle & scooter workshop located in Sydney, Australia. In this interview, we discuss to process of switching from a combination of systems including Outlook, Excel and MYOB to Blackpurl.

“Switching to Blackpurl and Xero eliminated the need to have a part-time book-keeper”

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Does trailer dealership software make a difference NATDA logo inlcuded

Does trailer dealership software make a difference?

1. Sell more units with trailer quoting tools
2. Increase work efficiency with a single place for parts inventory, service history, and unit cost tracking
3. Accelerate service growth with trailer-friendly work order write-up and service scheduling
4. Reduce accounting cost and increase business visibility with popular accounting integrations 5. Deploying a dealership platform can be straightforward”

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