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uploading documents to the cloud with lightening bolts
Best Dealership Management System

How Does a Cloud-Based DMS Even Work?

A cloud-based dealership management solution allows you to perform all of your dealerships day-to-day functions more quickly, easily, and securely. Find out if it’s the right fit for your shop.

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New Feature Release Blackpurl

New Feature Release 2.61 Blackpurl

This past February the Blackpurl crew was working overtime to push out some new releases. From customer order updates to accounting integration enhancements, keep reading to check out what’s new.

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calculator and balance sheet
balance sheet

How to Balance your Dealership’s Balance Sheet

Last week we talked about the importance of the balance sheet (you can catch up here). This week we’re talking about how to keep your balance sheet balanced by following 6 priceless accounting disciplines that I’ve used in my dealerships for over four decades.

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balance sheet
balance sheet

The True Function of a Balance Sheet

The “Balance Sheet” is every business’s absolute reason for existence. Without profitable activity you will not survive and without a clean and healthy balance sheet you will not be certain of what your profitability is. This is why I argue that it should be an ongoing goal to “prove” the accuracy of your balance sheet monthly.

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